Cut Copy Paste

Understanding the role of uv digital photometers

What is a photometer? A uv digital photometer is a device that takes measures of intensity of light and optical characteristics of surfaces and solutions. Photometers measure: fluorescence, absorption of light, light reflection, illumination, irradiance, phosphorescence, luminescence, and scattering of light. Anciently, photometry took place using eye estimation before electric light sensitive devices came up. […]

Imitation in Canadian Ceramics

Mimicry, adaptation and outright copying are all common practice in the world of Canadian production ceramics. As a result, these designs are often regarded as derivative – second rate and uninspired imitations. However, closer inspection reveals a richer story than we might first expect with results that are often surprisingly authentic and innovative. This exhibition […]

Creative Redesign

Creative redesign is the process of creating new designs from existing and salvaged products. Once considered radical, the act of re-assembling and reworking existing imagery, objects and information has become commonplace in our digital era; Cut/Paste is now a standard computer function, executed with a few keystrokes. While art and digital media have shaped the […]